Saturday, March 29, 2008


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I got a little creative this weekend while looking though some more photos ...getting inspired for a project I need to finish and pass along ;)

Good Morning Sunshine!

Our first spring flower...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Time is flying by

I was sifting through some old photos last night...SIGH! I cannot believe that come August, I will have a KINDERGARTNER! Time is flying by so fast. Another reason why I need to start taking more photos and scrapbook those memories.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Favorite Photo Blogs

I love reading blogs that inspire me... Lately, I've been collecting a ton of photography bookmarks, most of them seem to be wedding related (hmmm.. go figure?) There are so many professional photographers out there and many have blogs. Why not get inspired by good photos?

I wanted to share a few of my new favorites: Sara Remington, Lauren Clark & Joe Photo. My definite can't-live-without :) --> Thomas Hawk and his photos on Zooomr (I usually check a few times a week & spend a lot of time viewing his photos).

On Friday, I stopped by a bookstore and picked up a magazine that was calling out to me. It's called Digital Photo & it's from the UK. It cost me about $12, but it came with a number of lessons on a CD. I love this magazine! I have learned so much in the last couple of days. I have to figure out a way to get a subscription. What are your favorites?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First Post

Ever since my husband sent me off for a mini vacation to Anaheim (CKU), I've found myself having an "itch" to be creative. I've always been a collector (of paper, how-to books, etc. ), but now my computer is overflowing with bookmarks of photography & scrapbooking blogs....and I've always liked to make a handmade card every now and then, but now I find myself looking at everything and wondering if I can alter it.

I've always had lots of ideas in my head, but I can never get started on all of them, because... well, I'm chicken. My friends, I'm sure, think that I suffer from Scrapbibliophobia... (if that's a word)
BUT lately I've been grabbing my camera and driving my kids nuts by taking tons of photos... and I found that I really ENJOY taking photos... and I'm getting better with practice.

I also discovered that I really enjoy the process because it's SAFE for me. I don't have to stare at a blank piece of paper and worry where to start & I don't have to wonder why it takes me an hour (++++) from start to finish. I love that if I don't like something, I can just delete it (no $$$ wasted!).

So here's the thing~~~ I want to get that way with all of my creative endeavors. I want to paint on all of those canvases and alter all of those books that my husband doesn't know about. I want to learn all sorts of techniques and learn how to let go.. and enjoy the process. I'm thinking that if I surround myself & my thoughts with creative, artistic people I'm bound to get inspired, right?

Well, here goes...My little blog, dedicated to my journey...