Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Scrapbooking links

For my fellow scrapbook friends... I have been trying to get inspired searching the internet...I wanted to forward some sites (Erin, you probably know about all of them already :) ).

One page at a time - Their kits are beautiful! I love seeing what their creative team has come up with. Elodie, is a designer for OPAAT. She also has a website, which is in French, but you can still see her amazing work!

I am always looking on Melissa Phillips' blog to see what she is working on. I peeked at Lime Tart's April gallery today too. Great stuff!

I currently have over 100 SB'ing bookmarks & 80 photography related bookmarks. So, I'll post more later..ENJOY!


Erin Bassett said...

You're too funny...contrary to popular belief I haven't reached the end of the Internet...yet! Thanks for the links though, I hadn't been to OPAAT before & I'm check'n them out now.

Lori Shrout said...

Thanks for sharing Deanna !
I love looking at new sites - there's so much stuff out there.

janine said...

I love their kits, I'm so glad that they started again :-)