Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Photography Contest

It's the new year and I am trying to get back into photography... and on my resolution list is to enter more contests.
This week's I Heart Faces theme is your Best Face Photo (taken in December or January).

This is an idea for a Christmas card that I didn't use...I dressed my little guy up in a ton of winter clothes (even though it was 75 degrees outside.. You know Southern California weather) and had him run around the yard while I shot photos.. It was pretty funny to watch & he had a ball--
Wish me luck!  I am # 694 (YES, almost 700 entries WOW!!)

Have a great Tuesday!

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Ulrica said...

Such a cute little one :) Love the smile... First time for me.

Kate - k8tography said...

Great job! He has such a gorgeous smile. I am number 701!!!! So many this week.

Lena said...

Great photo, that smile is infectious! Love the fact that it was 75 degrees out lol

Pol said...

He looks so cheerful. Love the grin

Erin Bassett said...

Love it!!