Thursday, April 21, 2011

OH SHOOT! --- I hope I win :)

I f you know me, then you know I love my camera. Happiness for me is capturing a private or unexpected moment and sharing them with the ones I love.
I've been asked to do a few freelance assignments on the side in the past, but I always turn them down. I just don't feel confident in my skills and --- well-- I'm chicken. I'm afraid of screwing something up.
  This past weekend, I decided to just try.  My cousin asked me to take senior pictures of his daughter & I did. I took a lot of pictures with different lenses and on different modes. It was a great experience, but unfortunately some of the pictures were ruined because of the incorrect exposure. I can correct some, but not all. I really wish that I had a mentor to stand behind me and show me how to correct my errors. Unfortunately, I don't. I've tried to read a few books, but quite honestly I think I'm a visual learner :/. I need to take a class.
   I just read that Candice Stringham is offering a class (called OH SHOOT!). I really hope my husband will let me sign up. I really need this class to improve my skills, I think I may just take a hint from one of my boys and beg him for a straight 24 hours.  Candice is one of the main reasons why I fell in love with my camera.  Years ago I attended a CKU convention and took her class-- I came home and was hooked.  She is a FABULOUS teacher. I really think this class would help me tremendously.  Cross your fingers that he says yes or that I can win a spot :) 

Here is a link to her class if you are interested: OH SHOOT!

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