Saturday, May 02, 2009

Cartwheels & Superspidey Jedi

This AM before lunch the boys and I spent time in the backyard. Somehow they convinced me that I needed to show them I could do cartwheels.... and now--I'm Superwoman ;) the little guy and I were playing Super/Spidey/Jedi for a while until he showed me that he can now go on the monkeybars...I admit it, I was a total freak-- he's just a little guy hanging 6 feet up, and I was afraid he would fall...but, I had to bite my lip.  He's a boy after all.  
Next week is TEACHER APPRECIATION week at his school. I'm pulling out my hair trying to figure out what to do.. How do you thank the people who care for your children as if they are their own?..They spend so many hours teaching, sharing, talking etc. with the boys and it shows. Teachers have such an impact on children and they deserve so much---, but get so little (credit, $$, etc.). I really love the teachers.  Thank you to Roger, Ana & Monica -- You are the best ;)
Any ideas for gifts, please send me an email!
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RonnyB said...

I think we're looking at the star of Spiderman 20 here! Was looking for the pictures of you doing cartwheels, but I'm sure those will be posted a different day, right?

Lori Shrout said...

yes - please - cartwheel pics - please.