Sunday, May 03, 2009


Had a pretty low key Sunday.. Today we played Darth/Spidey/Elmo...& only a few cartwheels today. No more handstands, after the 6th time yesterday my vertigo REALLY kicked in. The boys thought it was fun, but me-- not so much. Imagine feeling like your head was doing somersaults while your body remained still....not good! I didn't get too much time w/ the Nikon today. We were planning on going to JPL today for their open house, but the boys were a little too rowdy today so we stayed home & played in the sunshine instead. I spent a little time playing in the kitchen too (love to cook, hate the prep). I wish I had more hours in the day because there are so many recipes to try.

I have a lot of cookbooks, probably 30 just on my counter. I've been switching between my 3 favorite stand bys the last number of months...My favorite Chinese (The Thousand Recipe Cookbook), Italian cookbook (The Silver Spoon), and Spanish (1080 Recipes). The last two are HUGE cookbooks over 900 pages each and published by Phaidon...I love them & recommend them... Hopefully next weekend I'll find more time to cook!
Hope you had a low key Sunday as well!

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