Saturday, May 16, 2009


Beautiful day today.. We spent the day outside and took care of a few domestic duties.. I got my hair cut (said goodbye to 7")..not very exciting stuff, I know. ;)

We truly are lucky to live in Southern California...Everything is so close, the beach, the mountains, the lake. I just love this time of year... We have a few camping trips planned within the next few months and no doubt we'll be running to the lake too...Summer is always a busy time & the calendar is filling up.
Hmmm. Been thinking about going for a another photowalk, but not sure where to go (hopefully it won't 102 when I decide to go). I like Townsley Canyon, Descanso Gardens & Huntington Library... or Maybe I'll just drive up the 2 freeway and take a peek. I think after all of the hours I have put in at work lately, I deserve to treat myself to a day off, don't you?... Well, maybe after my trip to Sin City w/ my friend Beck.
Hope you had a good Saturday!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR HAIR DEANNA!!! Looks beautiful just like you! :) Great pic of you & Logan. :)


Lori Shrout said...

Yes I think you do deserve it.
Hey - and 7" IS exciting stuff !!
Wow !
We need to get together !!

rrbckx said...

I love how Logan is pushing up his muscle...reminds me of someone I knew in High School. But you look like you've been eating your spinach...pretty impressive!