Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Catchy title, huh? I had a good weekend, I hope you did as well. Lots of kids in the backyard, slip n slides, drinks, friends etc... we had a revolving door the last few days. I even got to swim 5 days this past week, which was great, but it's sure hard to get back into it. Everything went pretty smoothly, with one minor incident involving me, my younger son and the Heimlich... Needless to say, he will not be eating any more tootsie rolls for a while ;) Luckily, I seem to be pretty calm in the "big & scary" situations (earthquake, childbirth, operations etc.). I must've inherited that from my mom... that and my high tolerance for pain...I still feel bad for my friend Royce, who doesn't have any kids and was a witness to the events. I didn't realize that it scared him a bit, until on his way out he mentioned that his heart was still racing... {SORRY ROYCE}..I'm sure he was fine a few hours later because he went w/ the husband and a bottle of Jack to a Laker party...
I didn't take any photos this past weekend, can you believe it? I brought it to my mom's house on Sunday, but didn't take any. The boys and I took her for some Japanese food @ Tokyo Lobby in San Gabriel, since she was feeling pretty good. They ate pretty much everything, and love using the chopsticks. I got a kick out of my son putting his head through a space in the wall telling two or three girls that they were beautiful.. He is such a flirt...Hope you had a beautiful weekend... :)

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Lori Shrout said...

Oh my Deanna that would have scared me too !

And how cute that your fella is such a flirt.