Friday, April 17, 2009

Accidentally on Purpose aka my Favorite Mistakes

As I mentioned, I make a lot of mistakes... let me emphasize A LOT! Mostly they are caused by exposure problems...

Sometimes the camera was focusing on the wrong thing (user error)

I once took a whole bunch of photos for some friends and didn't realize that they were tinted green.. ugg.. I didn't want to show any of them (Remember Erin?)..

I just kept telling my friend that I needed to adjust the color, but unfortunately I was not up to speed w/ Elements and it took me forever.

When I'm making something with my hands and I spill or screw it up, I can usually fix it--most of the time... I just chalk it up to being handmade. Sometimes, if I'm lucky and I screw up a shot, it will turn out ok, like I did it on purpose.... Here are some of my favorite accidentally-on-purpose shots...Mistakes are just part of the process~

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