Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have been trying to be good and take pictures everyday as part of the 365 project, but... I can't seem to do it everyday... I go in spurts and post when I can. Thank you for your nice words of encouragement, I appreciate the notes that you send ;) I will be posting a picture (as soon as I figure out what I'm going to do) for I LOVE FACES contest a little later... Wish me luck!

This AM I went by the Farmer's Market... I Love fresh fruits and vegetables. I love the smell of basil and cilantro and can't get enough of it. I pulled some garlic from my garden too (wow, potent stuff!). When I was sitting outside this AM, I sat in an old bench that has been rusting. I love this bench... When my dad would come to visit, he would sit on this bench for hours. It was his favorite... It's always nice when you can look at something and it takes you back to a fond memory and puts a smile on your face. ENJOY TODAY :)

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rrbckx said...

See, I do look! Love the bench shots..I guess I'm not so much a plant person, but you did a great job with those as well!

Dmdieu said...

Thank you! Now I know one of the 40 visits this weekend..