Saturday, April 11, 2009

Self Portrait

I've been kicking myself for weeks since I dropped the ball w/ the 365 challenge (I guess its all on Erin B's shoulders now), so I decided that this weekend I would take some time to play with my camera. We went to visit Grandma and didn't make it to the park...The kids found too many fun things to play with in the backyard and time got away...But, things worked out well- I was able to take a good 200 shots.

You may even find a shot of someone that has never shown up on my blog.. ME.

If you know me, then you know that I am extremely camera shy. I'm the first to volunteer to take the picture so I can hide. While I was searching through some old photos last night, I recalled a conversation I had with Ali in Provo during a break in her Evolution class. Somehow we got ino a conversation about the importance of getting infront of the camera. So, this time I made sure that I packed the tripod and my remote so I could take a self-portrait, a big test for me ;)

Another post coming shortly!

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